Month: September 2020

An ART HUB update – A Creative Endeavour That’s Picking Up Speed

At the start of September we published a piece about mixed media artist Stacey Dallyn and her Creative Endeavour, the youth arts therapy programme ART HUB. Over the past month, Stacey and her team have been working with Opus and... Read More

Mastering The Art of Creative Entrepreneurship & Flourishing From The Ground Up: Camilla d’Errico

Manga-influenced, Italo-Canadian artist and Opus alumna, Camilla d’Errico has amassed a huge, loyal following whilst carving out a unique niche in her target market. A pop surrealist painter and comic book creator, she also contributes to the vinyl art toy... Read More

Fundraising For Studio 101

The Role of the Studio

Creative Endeavours and the Role of the Studio    What is the art studio? Some might see it solely as the place an artist reflects, researches, stores and produces material, but the potential of the space doesn’t need to end... Read More

Small Trade Ups for Big Results: Trading up to Artists’ Oil Colour

Trading up to a professional level can seem overwhelming. A few small changes to your palette selections can make a big impact and allows for a more manageable transition while offering cleaner mixes and greater tinting strength. Generally there are... Read More

Elevate Your Art Through Prints by Les Picker

  Ansel Adams famously said, “The photograph is the score; the print is the performance.” I’d like to elaborate on that theme for those of you contemplating fine art printing and for experienced printers looking for new perspectives. I grew... Read More

Exploring Stacey Dallyn’s Creative Endeavour, The ART HUB

Producing something fresh and unique through any form of art offers a sense of self-worth and purpose, so as summer turns to fall amidst the upheaval and change of 2020, we’re focussing on Creative Endeavours. No matter how you do... Read More