2016 Kwi Am Choi Exhibition Scholarship Fund


In 2007 the family of talented artist Kwi Am Choi endowed the Port Moody Arts Centre Society (PMACS) with funds to create the Kwi Am Choi Scholarship Fund. The fund was established to provide encouragement and support to emerging artists between the ages of 15 and 35. The objectives of the fund are to further the skills and experiences of student artists, to expand their artistic careers, and to enable them to better promote their work. This is to be done by covering the costs of mounting a solo exhibition of their work at the Port Moody Arts Centre. The amount of the scholarship will be $2000.

If you wish to apply and you meet all of the criteria listed below, please complete the attached application form and submit it with an exhibition proposal for the Port Moody Arts Centre (PMAC) sometime during June – August 2017. Only solo artists are eligible for this award.

To apply visit: http://www.pomoarts.ca/artist-calls/595-artist-call-kwi-am-choi-scholarship-2016