2019 Multifaith Calendar – Call for Submissions


The theme for our upcoming 2019 edition is: Coming Together – Exploring New Connections

Deadline for submissions: 19 January 2018

Once again, our theme is intended to be open to the artist’s imagination. In a world where disasters, violence and fear dominate our evening news, it is easy to become afraid and want to raise walls to protect ourselves. But, it takes exactly the opposite approach to change the tide of popular culture. Rather than separate and divide even further, now is the time to take down walls, and come together in new ways.

We are all one in spirit, but how can we show this inner connection – physically and in our everyday lives?

Please submit your work (up to 5 pieces) in any medium that showcases Coming Together: Exploring New Connections. Our aim is to produce a Calendar that will include a variety of interpretations on the theme while creating a visually cohesive end product. We encourage all artists to submit images including artists who have had their work showcased in past.

How We Pay Artists… Selected artists will be offered an honorarium of $250 per monthly calendar image, $500 for the cover image, and $100 for small inset images throughout the calendar. In addition, you will receive a set of complimentary Calendars once published. Approximately 20,000 copies of the MFC are sold annually across North America and Internationally.

How to Submit Entries… Submit digital images (JPEG) in low resolution (72 dpi) to: artsubmissions@multifaithaction.org

Should a piece be chosen, we will contact the artist and request a high resolution version of the image (i.e. 9″ x 9″, 400 dpi – JPEG or TIFF).

Additional information on the 2019 Call is available on the Multifaith Calendar website.

Many thanks for your support in both participating in as well as sharing this opportunity with your contacts. Best of luck and we look forward to all submissions!

Production Team
Multifaith Calendar




Call for Submissions