Accepting submissions now..Waxing Poetic 2017 Encaustic Art


Canwax West (CWW) is now accepting submissions for Waxing Poetic 2017: Encaustic Art. This celebration of encaustic painting will exhibit at Leir House from Sept 8 to Oct 6, 2017. Waxing Poetic is an open show and juried for prizes. CWW wants to encourage all encaustic artists, from every experience level, to submit their work to CWW shows. And to this end, CWW awards are evolving. This year our categories are: The Thea Haubrich Award of Excellence, People’s Choice award, Technical Excellence, Pushing Boundaries, and Emerging artist (3 years or less). The Canwax West award presentations will be held at Leir House Oct. 1. Leir House takes a 20 % commission on artwork sold.

To Submit
All submissions are to be sent to Linda Swales at linda_u2me@hotmail.com by September 1, 2017.
Attn: Waxing Poetic in the subject line.
Email for mail in instructions and full submission call
Attn: Waxing Poetic in the subject line.
Each artist can submit up to 2-3 works, size dependent. Please send a submission form. Please indicate if you are going to be shipping your artwork. Also include an artist biography or statement (no more than 1 page). If you want to be juried under emerging artist please include how long you have been painting in your biography.

Label each piece as follows:

1. Last name, first name or initial, title, size, medium, price.
4. If you are planning on entering a 3-D or installation piece, please contact Sharon at info@pentictonartscouncil.com

Important dates/Information

● Deadline for Entry: Sept 1, 2017 at 4pm
● Painting Drop Off: Sept 8 between 10:00 and 11:00 AM, if shipping your art please see “Delivery of art” below. Mail in submissions must arrive at Leir House by Sept 7, 2017.
● Entry fee: $10:00 per person – request payment in person on the drop off day by cash or cheque made out to Canwax West.
● Art Show Opening + Reception: Sept 8, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
● Painting Take down / Pick-up: Oct 6 between 10:00 and 4:00 PM. All works mailed in will be packed up this day, in your original packaging, using prepaid label provided by you.
● Canwax West Awards Presentation: October 1, 2017. Time 6PM – 8PM

Please Note: All work must be properly labeled on the back with: artist name, address, phone and email, title and price, professionally framed or displayed, and ready to hang. Any work that is not ready to hang will not be allowed in the show. All works must be dropped off or shipped and picked up on the date indicated. Canwax West is accepting works by mail and will repack unsold pieces in your original packaging. Artists submitting works to the show are responsible for insuring their own work. By entering your work into Waxing Poetic you are agreeing to allow Canwax West to use your digital images for publicity purposes for Waxing Poetic 2017 and future Waxing Poetic exhibition advertising.

If you have any questions regarding proper framing, hanging, size requirements or other questions please see the Canwax West website (www.canwaxwest.ca) for acceptable hanging instructions.



Call for Submissions