Altars: 13 new paintings by Laura Bifano


Laura Bifano is an artist and background painter in Animation.
An alumni of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Laura has cut her teeth on projects ranging from public murals, editorial illustration and feature film background design- and exhibited work in Vancouver, Chicago, LA and New York. “Altars” is her first solo show since “Menagerie” in 2011.

“Altars” is a series of 14 gouache paintings dedicated to high places.

Mountains have loomed over our collective psyche since the dawn of time.
Anyone who has lived beneath these terrible, beautiful landscapes can understand their pull on the imagination.

Mountains are neutral ground, mountains don’t care about us. They were here before us and they’ll be here long after.
We are transient visitors to these remote places. We move through them knowing that one misstep could mean injury or worse. Yet we still flock to them, each of us bringing our own meaning to their jagged expanses.

With “Altars” I endeavoured to capture the ominous beauty of these places. The paintings have no meaning in themselves. They are visual ruminations.
I’m endlessly fascinated by the fleeting play of light, by cotton flowers in a grassy meadow, undulating cloud shadows rolling over the hills, vapour colliding with stony spires, or the deep blue shadows of snow fields.

Like their subject matter, these works exist for their own sake.