Art Focus Demo May22nd, 7-9pm


Patrick Wood’s ability to use striking colors makes his pieces mesmerizing and thought provoking. They make you think of your own stories with the characters and images he paints. Growing up in Germany, his grandfather, Joseph Machata, was an art curator for the Nürnberger Kunsthalle and brought appreciation for art and photography into Patrick’s life. His parents were always supportive of his artistic talents and by eleventh grade his father had enrolled him in Advanced Placement Studio Art class, where he really began to develop his artistic skills at a professional level under the guidance of Fran Nichols. In 2003, Patrick graduated with his degree in multimedia. That program furthered his studies in typography, graphic design, art history, and art theory and methods. As an adult Patrick has thrived at producing versatile styles of acclaimed art.
Join us at The Outlet, Leigh Square Arts Village, downtown Port Coquitlam, on May22nd, from 7-9pm. All are welcome.