Art! Masters – Artist Contest – Paint at a new exciting art competition


Art Masters is a new art competition in which professional artists can show their creative skills in an exciting environment. Artists will be given a theme in advance and their task is to express this theme within a one-hour time slot.

Would you like to paint with a live audience at our Art! Masters event? We have ONE spot left! To apply:
1) Follow us on Instagram – @artvancouver 2) Tag 2 friends in a comment on Artists contest post 3) Post a photo of your artwork on your account, and 4) Tag us in it, & add the hashtag #artmastersAV //
Email us at artmasters@artvancouver.net to confirm your application!
The winner will be notified by July 3rd, 2018! #artistcontest #artmastersAV #artvancouver

Art! Masters Information:
Date: July 26th, 2018
Venue: The Portside in Gastown
Time: 7 PM – 10 PM
Event is 19+ only.

Art! Masters is a fun competition in which artists can show their skills in a creative format.
8 Artists, 1 Venue, 1 Theme, 1 Hour and 1 Box of supplies. Artists will be given a theme in advance and their task is to express this theme within a one-hour time slot.

This event’s theme will be the Muhammad Ali quote β€œFloat like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”
Artists will need to express this theme in any painted form.

Each artist will be provided with an easel, canvas (24×36) and a box of supplies. We will not tell you what supplies are in the box. You will be presented with the box 15 minutes before the hour-long competition starts, and this is the moment when you will have to get very creative and plan how to use these surprise items.

This is a fun, friendly event, and for that reason, we would like to involve our audience and give them the power to select the winner. The criteria will be presented to the audience during the event, we will encourage them to judge: creativity and originality with the given theme, quality of artistic composition, and overall impression of the art. The event is strictly 19+.

Each artist will have 15 minutes to open their box of supplies and think about their strategy. After this, they will have 1 hour to paint.

You will also have an opportunity to bring one piece of your artwork, which will be on display next to your easel. You can sell the artwork if you would like.

Artists have the opportunity to include their competition piece in a silent auction. Should the piece get auctioned, 50% of the money will go to the artist and 50% will go to a local charity Youth Unlimited.

Why Participate as an Artist?
Showcase your skills, exhibit your artwork, connect with an audience and receive media coverage.
Winner will receive a price (we have prizes from our sponsors such as DeSerres, Opus, Nuba, Bard on the Beach, and more)

Look forward to receiving your applications.

The Art! Masters Team



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