Art Rental Programme 2019 Call for Artists


The North Vancouver Community Arts Council seeks visual artists to participate in the Art Rental Programme. This programme promotes the appreciation of visual arts in our community by making the work of local artists available for display in homes, offices and film and television production sets. Art rental provides individuals and businesses an affordable and flexible way to enjoy a wide range of quality, original 2-dimensional works including paintings, photography and mixed media works.

The Art Rental Programme generates revenue and exposure for individual artists through renting works to our large and diverse clientele. Rental fees are based on the value of the artwork and royalties are paid to artists semi-annually (less a 30% administration fee). Clients may also purchase artwork from the collection. The art rental programme provides clients the unique opportunity to “try out” artwork in their homes and offices that they may later purchase.

The North Vancouver Community Arts Council will hold two jury days for new art rental work. To participate you MUST register for one of the jury days (below) or by phone 604-988-6844 and pay the $15 jury fee in advance. Spaces are limited so register as soon as possible.
Jury Dates: Sunday, October 28, 2018 or Sunday, November 18, 2018

1. Register for a jury date and pay the $15 fee.

2. Once we receive your payment and selected jury date we will email you registration information within a few days.

3. Come to your selected jury date with your original artwork and completed registration information.



Call for Submissions