Art! Vancouver International Art Fair


Art! Vancouver produced by The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation a non profit society, is held annually at the Vancouver Convention Centre for 4 days, exhibiting 90+ artists/galleries each year coming from across Canada and around the world. Our vision is to boost Vancouver’s profile in the art’s community on a global scale.

By attracting professional and emerging artists and galleries locally and globally, we contribute to the local cultural development. A society is judged by it’s art and culture and Art! Vancouver has already made a significant advance in the way our city is viewed Our event is professional, well marketed and attracts serious art collectors and visitors from all around the world, approximately 7000+.

The opening night commences with ‘The Face of Art’ runway show, featuring the artists walking down the runway displaying their art so that guests can recognize the artists and their work. Throughout the event we conduct speaker series, a panel discussion, live artist demonstrations, and art workshops.