baldhip magazine issue 4


baldhip magazine (http://www.baldhipmagazine.ca) is an online quarterly which publishes excellent/unusual poetry and visual arts. we are committed to publishing at least 50% female-identified writers and artists. after our April issue we will be publishing our first anthology in print.

we like:
interactions with new media and the internet.
traditional forms with non-traditional content.

for a greater sense of our aesthetic, check out our tumblr (http://baldhipmag.tumblr.com/), our current issue (http://www.baldhipmagazine.ca/issuethree/), & our previous issues (http://www.baldhipmagazine.ca/issuethree/issues.html).

submission details:
we accept submissions at baldhipmag@gmail.com
please send up to five pages of visual art and/or poetry. we prefer: pdf, doc, rtf, and jpg. we’ll try to open any other file format that supports your art.
in the body of your email include the titles of work submitted.
we welcome simultaneous submissions, as long as you promptly inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.
baldhip only accepts previously unpublished work, which includes any publication on personal sites such as tumblr.
all contributors retain the rights to their own work.

questions? check out our FAQs (http://baldhipmag.tumblr.com/tagged/FAQ) or email the editors at baldhipmag@gmail.com




Call for Submissions