Beyond Words, an exhibition with artworks by Jeanne Krabbendam


“Although the Little Prince (originally Le Petit Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is often regarded as a children’s book, it simply is not so.
After enjoying it as a child, I re-read it as a young adult and suddenly the stories came alive, full of messages and depth. Created with love, this little book became very special to me. For many years I played with the idea of ‘doing something’ with it and going beyond words through the use of my art.” says Jeanne.

The artist explored phrases from the book, translating them into abstract and semi-abstract paintings using mixed materials to express the different atmospheres and messages.
The art exhibition is a way for the public to look into the process and products that came out of these investigations.

Beside each art work a page from the book highlights the sentence that inspired its creation. As well, copies of The Little Prince, in many different languages, will be on display during the exhibition for the public to refer to and enjoy.