BLUR: Lucida Lab Collaborative Exhibition


Lucida Lab Collaborative is a recent collaboration of two Vancouver-based artists, Kristina Fiedrich and Annie Briard. Their partnership stems from a desire to have their perceptions confronted, mediated and sharpened by one another in order to find new possibilities for growth and transformation. Blur consists of a rich, interdisciplinary body of work comprising video, animations, photographs, drawings, sculptures, and assemblages. Each work is based on the collaboration’s guiding principles and desire to explore embodiment through the distortions and modifications of the crystal, as both form and metaphor.

The work conducted within the collaborative follows a strict studio-based methodology and set of rules which embrace distortion, reorganization, collection and getting lost. The artists explain: “The focus of our recent work, both independently and collaboratively, engages with embodiment – the everyday attunement and experience of physicality – perception and the corporeal form. Through explorations of distortion, transformation and growth, we take up the representation and manipulation of the crystal and its habits as a means of examining bodily health, progress and metaphysical constructions of space.”

The crystal offers multiple viewpoints, refracted, distorted images, and divergent ideas. Alternatively, the crystal is also a means of focusing, narrowing and converging. Taking into consideration this dichotomous inward/outward lens, Lucida Lab embodies an evolution of growth, multiplicity and potentiality.

Seymour Art Gallery
4360 Gallant Ave
North Vancouver, BC
V7G 1L2