Calgary Stampede 2015 – The New West: A Student Show


What is The New West – A Student Show?

The New West is a new show hosted by the Western Art Gallery of the Calgary Stampede’s Western Showcase. The Western Art Gallery is calling for applications from art students interested in being part of the Western Art Gallery for the 2015 Calgary Stampede. At the Western Art Gallery our motto is ‘Preserving the Past—Embracing the Future.’ As such, we focus on new and emerging artists who showcase traditional and contemporary takes on western themes and styles. We encourage contemporary subject matters and styles and a variety of mediums – as long as the work can somehow be related to a western theme. This theme includes urban landscapes and subject matter, musings on western Canadian and American politics and society, as well as the traditional take on “the west”.

Who can apply?

This opportunity is only available to students enrolled in a full-time accredited post secondary visual arts/fine arts program.

How are artists chosen to be part of the show?

Acceptance into the 2015 show will be based on the scores given by our professional jury panel consisting of an art educator, a gallery owner and a professional artist.

How many art pieces are students expected to submit with their application?

Students applying to the show must submit between 1 and 3 pieces of art with their application.

If I am accepted into the show, can I substitute one piece of art for another?

No. The jury scores each piece of art individually. The Western Art Gallery accepts individual art pieces, not the artist in general. Therefore, the accepted art pieces must be available for sale during the 10 days of stampede.

Is there a cost to apply to the Western Art Gallery?

No, there is not application fee. If a piece of your art sells during the show, the Stampede retains 30% of the sale price and you receives 70% of the sale price. It takes 6 to 8 weeks for you to receive a cheque. Artists are responsible for pricing their own art.

How do I apply and where can I find more information?

The complete Terms and Conditions for the New West – A Student Show are online at www.westernshowcase.com > Western Art Gallery. Please read these Terms and Conditions before applying. For the application, click on Applying to the Gallery. When you fill out the application, be sure to click on “Student” in order to let us know which category you are applying to. Please email gallery@westernshowcase.com with any questions.



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