Call for Artists and Designers: Deep Cove Street Banners


The street banners will be displayed along Gallant Avenue in the heart of Deep Cove’s shopping and tourism district, and the greeting cards will be sold at the Seymour Art Gallery as a fundraiser for our non-profit gallery.

We invite visual artists to submit two images, one to be displayed on banners during winter months and one to be displayed during the summer months. We would encourage the applicant to use themes related the following characteristics of Deep Cove:
-The stunning and unique beauty of our natural landscape and fauna
-The cultural and artistic environment (art, heritage, and theatre)

Submission Guidelines:
-Deadline for submissions is November 8, 2013. Successful artists will be notified via email.

-This call for artists is open to local artists; traditional and indigenous work is welcome.

-All artwork received by the closing date will be reviewed by the Street Banner Selection Committee.

-Please submit original content only. All images must be copyrighted and owned by the artist. By submitting your work, you agree to let the Seymour Art Gallery and the Deep Cove Merchant Society publish, edit, and use the submission for purposes of the banners and greeting cards. You must also give permission for your name to be used in connection with the artwork.

-Manufactured Street Banners will be owned by the Deep Cove Merchants Association.

-Submissions should be a minimum of 400 DPI in TIFF format (no JPEGs please). Original artwork that is a drawing, painting etc. should be photographed at a minimum resolution of 400DPI. Artists are responsible for photographing their artwork for submission.

-Artwork will be printed measuring: (h)36” x (w)24”. Your work must be in this ratio (1:1.5), meaning for example that your work could measure 12 x 18”. The Deep Cove Merchants Association will be responsible for banner printing cost and banner installation.

Artist Benefits:
There will be an honorarium of $200 per image for artwork/design (total $400). The honorarium is provided by the Seymour Art Gallery.
-The selected artist will receive a set of 20 cards.
-Promotion and exposure: the artist’s name will be printed on the banner and greeting card.
-The selected artist will be offered a tour of the banner printing facility to see the process and get a sneak peek at the completed banners.

How to Apply:
Create a login at https://seymourartgallery.slideroom.com
1. Provide your contact information
2. Provide an artist biography maximum 500 words
3. Upload two high-resolution images, one for summer banners and one for winter banners. You will be required to provide the title and medium.
4. Pay the non-refundable $5 jury fee online.

If you have questions, contact Seymour Art Gallery at info@seymourartgallery.com or at 604.924.1378

FOR FULL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES VISIT http://www.seymourartgallery.com/2013/01/30/call-for-artistsdesigners-deep-cove-street-banners/