Call for Artists – Non-human persons


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Call for Artists:

‘Non-Human Persons’ – Call for Artists for inclusion in the exhibition of this name at the Macmillan Arts Centre in Parksville August 1st through 30th of this year.

Two national courts – that of India and that of Argentina – have awarded the status of ‘non-human person’ to dolphins and to an orang-utan respectively, based on the similarities of those animals to humans such as that they can feel pleasure and pain and have interpersonal relationships and emotions. The treatment of the animals so labelled had to be altered accordingly to take their new status into consideration.

What are the possible ramifications of these judgements? Should all animals be awarded this status and what could that mean for our relationships with them?

Artists whose work centres on aspects of humans’ interaction with animals are welcome to submit their work to Curator Teresa Knight at www.teresaknight.com or tjaneknight@gmail.com for possible inclusion of up to 5 works in the exhibition.



Call for Submissions