Call for Entry: Imprint Juried Exhibition


“In everything we do, we leave an imprint, a trace, a mark, a consequence. The Fort Gallery’s 2019 juried exhibition invites submissions of artworks based on or originating from the imprinted mark and exploring its conceptual significance.”

At the end of the last millennium, historians met to consider the most significant human developments of the previous 1000 years, and their conclusion was that it was the invention of the printing press, which launched humanity into a world of mass media and the ability to broadcast information on a grand scale. In the first nearly two decades of this millennium, social media have opened the possibilities of mass communication even wider, giving each individual a global voice and influence.

The word imprint conjures up many meanings: from printmaking, the process of creating an image from a matrix; from biology, the process of interpreting DNA into protein, the imprinting of parents on their young, or our ecological footprint. The process of imprinting is everywhere; everything we touch and every place we go, we leave a trace of ourselves; everything we do leaves a mark, a consequence. The conceptual possibilities of printmaking are thus endless.

Imprint is the Fort Gallery’s 2019 juried exhibition. Print, as printed text or printed image, can become the starting place for any visual art medium. Artists are encouraged to explore the possibilities of print as muse, while also considering the consequences of print.

The exhibition will be held at the Fort Gallery, April 3-28, 2019. Entries must be submitted to the Fort Gallery by March 13, 2019. Contemporary modes of artistic expression are encouraged.

The Fort Gallery is located at 9048 Glover Road, Fort Langley, BC. Fort Langley is the home of a national historic site, as well as several other museums, galleries, and a host of antique shops, boutiques and restaurants. On weekends and holidays, the village bustles with visitors.

How to Apply:
Artists may submit a maximum of 3 artworks electronically for adjudication to the Fort Gallery at fortgallery@hotmail.com by Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

To apply:
1. Complete an online artist submission form (http://www.fortgallery.ca/imprint-2019-juried-exhibition.html) and pay the jury fee: one fee payment per artist. $30 ($20 for Fort Gallery Society Members).
2. Send a separate email to fortgallery@hotmail.com with digital (jpeg, jpg) images of up to 3 pieces of original 2D or 3D artwork.

Visit the website for more information: www.fortgallery.ca



Call for Submissions