Call for Submissions – Interstitial: Science Innovations by Canadian Women


Interstitial: Science Innovations by Canadian Women is an exhibition and events in the first two weeks of June 2018, showcasing 2D work by female artists featuring women in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our approach intends to challenge the public as to how they think of women in STEM. What does it take for a woman to be “in” with the science community?

The importance of storytelling, and using art in the dissemination of scientific information, has grown in the past few years. The Sci/Art and STEAM movements have rapidly gained momentum. These point to the tipping point – creative ways are critical to sharing science and stories of science, and to connecting with people on an personal level. We are hoping to use the proposed exhibition as a unique spring board to establish new connections in the community and to present women in STEM through a different experience.

This exhibition and associated events will be created by women, will feature women, and will highlight the achievements of women in STEM. We seek to encourage girls and young women to see themselves as eligible for the opportunities available in STEAM industries, to connect with them beyond what is written in the books or taught in school. We present women as capable participants within the STEAM community. It is important that as women, we tell our own stories, support, and celebrate each other.

Deadline for submission is the 6th of April, and successful artists will be contacted by the 13th. Because of the short turnaround, we are expecting work that has already been created, or work that is in progress. We urge any artist who applies with uncreated work to think realistically about whether the project they apply with can be created in 6 weeks.

For eligibility, more information, or to submit: https://curiositycollider.org/submission/interstitial-science-innovations-by-canadian-women/



Call for Submissions