City of Port Moody Seeking Artist to Create Public Artwork for Overpass


The City of Port Moody is seeking artists, or artist teams, interested in creating artwork to enhance the Moody Street overpass. The City sees the Moody Street overpass as an opportunity for a significant piece of public art to be located in an area of the City that sees heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Landscaping along the expanded walkway at the overpass is planned to be primarily grass along its embankments. The visibility of the retaining walls along the walkway makes them ideal locations for public art.

The potential opportunities for artwork include the three main portions of the retaining walls, the centre of the rounded portion of the pathway, and the surface of the pedestrian/cycling pathway.

The design parameters for the public art are general in scope. The artist, or team, may propose to use one, or any combination of the locations for their artwork.

Visit the City’s website to download the Request for Proposals document in PDF or WORD format: www.portmoody.ca Arts & Culture tab, Arts News page, or at http://www.portmoody.ca/index.aspx?page=125



Call for Submissions