City of Port Moody Seeking Design Proposals


The City of Port Moody is seeking an artist, or artist team, to create a vignette intended to enhance and identify bike lanes in Port Moody. The images will be transformed into stencils and applied as lane markers on the city’s bike lanes. The first application of the stencils will be applied to the bike lane alongside Murray Street. The images should be in the same style as the standard bike lane marker and should be simple and easily understood references to biking. Additionally, the images should speak to the activities that take place along the bike pathway. The vignette is intended to be a brief scene delivered in a humorous way – whimsical and funny, rather than message-heavy and pedantic. Visit the City’s website to download the Request for Proposals document in PDF or WORD format: www.portmoody.ca, Arts & Culture tab, Arts News page, or at www.portmoody.ca/index.aspx?recordid=968&page=125

Deadline for design proposals is Friday February 28, 2014.



Call for Submissions