Collide and Conquer: Shifting how we experience science (art-science collaboration event)


Facebook event page: http://bit.ly/CollideConquer
2016 is the year of Art-Science Partnership. Come see successful collaborations, share your “ridiculous”(-ly awesome!) art-science ideas, and join our fall challenge to showcase your project!

Part I. Speakers

* Astronomer Jaymie Matthews on his collaboration with Chloe Z (shadow puppeteer) “N-body Pornography! – When galaxies and puppets collide”
* Artist Dzee Louise and Roboteer Daniel DeGagne on their Newreal Pathways BrainBot CC-DD 1.50
* Artist Colleen McLaughlin Barlow on her artist residencies at the Canada France Hawaii Telescope & the Gemini Telescope “Making Art at 14,000 Feet”

Part II. Open Mic

* 90 seconds to share your ideas. Think they are “ridiculous”? Well, we think it could be ridiculously awesome – we are looking for creative ideas!
* Don’t have an idea (yet)? Contribute by sharing your expertise.
* Chat with other art-science enthusiasts, strike up a conversation to collaborate, all disciplines/backgrounds welcome.
* Want to showcase your project in the future? Participate in our fall art-science competition (more to come)!

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When: 8:00pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Door opens at 7:30pm.
Where: Café Deux Soleils. 2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $5.00 cover at the door (sliding scale). Proceeds will be used to cover the cost of running this event, and to fund future Curiosity Collider events.