Daniel Tibbits Elemental ways of painting kickstarter campaign


This Kickstarter campaign is funding the completion of “The Elemental Ways Of Painting,” a four part instructional digital download video series on texturing techniques for oils by professional painter Daniel Tibbits.

I have been painting for over 25 years and one thing I love to do is add texture to my paintings. I am very passionate about bringing life to my work and texturing has been the means by which I do that. Checkout my website at danieltibbits.com to see what I mean!

Over the years, I have loved giving workshops, demonstrations and private instruction on my unique texturing techniques with oils and acrylics. But as you can imagine, there are only so many people I can reach this way. It is through this video series that I wish to share my texturing techniques with other painters worldwide, and making these videos available for digital download is an incredible way to achieve that.

The Video Series

Each video will be an hour in length and will focus on a different textures, like rock, clouds, trees and other natural textures.

In each video I will not only demonstrate the techniques I use with brushes and paints, but the videos will also include:

closeups on the palette, brushes and other texturing tools
preparing painting surfaces
insights into art and creativity
What is unique about this series is that we will be using four camera angles and specific lighting to capture my process to achieve the texturing detail in my paintings.



Workshops & Classes