Dark Ocean


The Dark Ocean exhibition revolves around the mystery that surrounds whales. In this recent body of work Natasha van Netten uses data from the advancing field of cetology (the study of whales) as a point of departure. Her work describes whales through a scientific perspective and explores the space between known and unknown information by straddling the blurred line between representation and abstraction. Her practice uses the language of art as a tool to access scientific data and give it personal and visual relevance.

For two years van Netten volunteered as crew aboard a 100ft sailing vessel in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Her experiences of living on the water greatly influence her artistic practice and continue to inform her work. “During this time at sea,” she explains, “I was constantly sharing the same living space with whales, yet rarely ever saw them. I am sure they knew I was there and I knew they were also there, but we almost never crossed paths. This series is motivated by my fascination of water and what it conceals inside an environment we can only visit temporarily.

Opening: Sept 9, 7pm
Continuing: Sept 10-25, Saturdays and Sundays, 12 – 4pm

Xchanges Gallery: 2333 Government St, Suite 6E, Victoria, BC V8T 4P4