District Foyer Gallery – Philippe Gadenne and Nancy Cramer


Philippe Gadenne

Philippe Gadenne was born and raised in northern France in a small village called Halluin. Philippe remembers well the portraits his father painted of his mother. His personal devotion and a more formal art education at school allowed him to pursue his talent. The wealth of teachers in France allowed Philippe to study privately with master painters in his early twenties in a concerted effort to broaden his sense of composition and refine his technique. His work evokes something that is abstract, yet wholly representational at the same time. Playing with harmonies of brazen colour, bold and uplifting palette knife work, and logical form, Philippe incorporates movement and imaginative placement of subject matter. In a delightfully unapologetic style that enraptures viewers, Philippe invites us to a celebration of the most primary of our senses, a veritable joie de vivre!

Nancy Cramer

Nancy grew up in an artistic family; her father was a professional artist, her mother loved to paint and her sister sculpted whimsical figures. As a child, Nancy spent endless hours creating gifts and “making art projects”.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, she spent a year around Europe learning much about herself and the world around her. A few years later, her passion for tactile arts led her to the Clay and Textiles programme at Capilano College where she studied weaving, clay and textile surface design.
Nancy considers herself as a “primitive potter”. She has always been drawn to primitive societies, their rustic art forms and their spiritual beliefs. Her art flows from that tranquil place of stillness that can be found in each of us. She is drawn to natural elements and organic substances. Each piece she creates is a unique celebration of the natural world around us.

North Vancouver District Hall, 355 West Queens Road Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm