“Does Anyone Shoot Film Anymore” opens Feb. 17th, 2018.


People ask “does anyone shoot film any more” like they already know the answer. Film is dead, right? But no, my friends, it’s not! The only thing that’s dead is saying “film is dead.”

Because the film community is vibrant and growing and inventive and modern and full of the kind of enthusiasm you only get from artists who really love their medium.

We’ve been fortunate enough to bring together dozens of talented and diverse film photographers for this show, every one of them with a unique eye on the world.

And we’re calling it “Does Anyone Shoot Film Anymore?” because in case you weren’t sure, the answer is yes, and we can prove it.

Opens February 17th, 2018 at 49-560 Johnson Street (inside Market Square) from 6PM-9PM. Daily hours TBA!

More information: http://camera-traders.com/fourtynine/