Double Opening: Paper Trail & Danielle Englesby’s Entropy


// Intermission Series: Paper Trail //
Paper Trail explores the many mediums of printmaking. Curated by Intermission coordinator Shayla Ritchie, Paper Trail presents the prints of Cale Shannon, Sarah van Peteghen, Mat Glenn, Evan Berg, Connor Charlesworth, Gabe Delaney, Pamela Turner, Emerald Holt, Asher Klassen, Addison Oberg, Chloe Corbet and Dustin Mellus.

// Danielle Englesby: Entropy //
Englesby’s large-scale canvases are carefully abstracted works in industrial oil paint that are layered with motor oil, concrete, sawdust and fibreglass. Inspired by the collision of Earth’s organic landscape with the rigidity and harshness of human-made materials, Entropy is a document of industrialism and is meant to communicate ruination and the passage of time.