Double Opening Reception: The Archivist & Stages of Immigrant Settlement


When? February 26 2016
Where? Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art

Free and open to the public, the Alternator welcomes the community to see Jia Chen’s The Archivist and Stages of Immigrant Settlement in the Members’ Gallery. Light refreshments will be served. Note: This reception begins at 6pm, an hour earlier than our receptions usually begin.

//The Archivist//

As a part of the Alternator’s Intermission Series to support local emerging artists, the gallery welcomes Jia Chen. Chen’s The Archivist examines routine. When Chen wakes up, she draws was she sees: a yawn, the ceiling fan, the driveway. Chen captures these moments with graphite, ink or oils. Repetition is evident, as the major theme in Chen’s work is time. In Chinese, time and space are one word: Shikong. The Archivist reveals process, seriality, and attempts to meld the concepts of time with space.

//Stages of Immigrant Settlement//

Stages of Immigrant Settlementis an exhibition by new Canadians who immigrated from across the globe to Kelowna. Conducted by Dr. Shirley Chau of UBCO’s School of Social Work, the exhibition is part of a three-year study supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health and Research. The study is designed to build community and knowledge to understand immigrants’ experiences of health and wellbeing in relation to their immigration and settlement. Reading the captions, familiar places like the global food aisle at your local grocer, or the skating rink at Stuart Park may be a source of anxiety to one new Canadian, or a place of comfort to another. Stages of Immigrant Settlement invites the community to see Kelowna from the identities and experiences of new Canadians seeking to integrate and belong.