Draw Down | Strathcona Drawing Party presented by the CAG and friends


The CAG has partnered with Cineworks, Hua Foundation and Access Gallery to bring you…

Strathcona Drawing Party is free collaborative community art project at several locations on Saturday June 20 from 11-5:30pm. Come explore unique cultural spaces in the Chinatown/Strathcona. Participants of all age are welcome to create and experiment at three drawing events throughout the day.

Workshops and venues include:
11:00 am – 1:00 pm – Cineworks – Annex (235 Alexander St) –
Drawing on Film / Cameraless Moviemaking
Instructor: Nisha Platzer

This drop-in workshop will introduce participants to the magical possibilities of direct animation! Make your own hand drawn animations on 16mm film by drawing, painting and scratching right on the film itself. Experiment with drawing on clear film, scratching on black film or marking film that already has images on it. See your own patterns of shape and colour come to life with the magic of the movie projector!

Nisha Platzer is an artist and filmmaker working in multiple formats including stop-motion, 16mm, 8mm and handmade found footage. Some of her past projects include a series of film-poems made on HD, 8mm, and found footage, narrative shorts, and music videos for artists in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society (est.1980) is an artist-run production and exhibition centre that supports independent filmmakers and media artists. We engage our membership and the broader community through initiatives and services that foster dialogue and experimentation with the moving image and expansive approaches to cinema.

1:30 pm -3:30 pm – Hua Foundation / Mah Society Benevolent Society (418 East Hastings)
Artist Howie Tsui will lead a tracing workshop creating hybrid monstrous plants. Hua refers to three phrases in Mandarin: ‘change’ 變化 [M: bian hua C: been faa], ‘people of ethnic Chinese descent’ 華人 [M: hua ren C: waa yun], and ‘culture’ 文化 [M: wen hua C: man faa].Hua Foundation develops solutions and build movements for the Hua community that strengthen our connections with culture, heritage and environmental sustainability.

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm – Access Gallery (222 East Georgia)
The Chamber
Explore artist The Ian Johnston’s installation The Chamber through a time-based drawing workshop. The Chamber is an enormous inflating and deflating installation that shrouds and reveals an enormous mass of discarded household items diverted from what the artist terms “the waste stream.” Mesmerizing and sobering, The Chamber suggests to viewers, as Johnston states, “the paradoxical relationship between limited resources and seemingly unlimited appetite.”