DTES Grant Project Submissions


Hi there, I need your help!

I have received a small arts grant and will be developing a body of work (+ solo show) exploring how our most precious objects reveal who we are and what we value as individuals and as a community. I am hoping to create a series of small abstract artworks representing a diverse range of objects and perspectives, and then use these pieces in combination to inform larger works.

What I need from you:
Send me a photograph of an object that is precious to you, with a couple of sentences describing why. I will then re-create that object using my mixed-media style and use a word or phrase from your description as the title. Your photograph will be used as a reference image for me, and will not be shared. Please note that you are welcome to submit more than one object, the more the merrier!

By submitting to this project, you will be an integral part of this community art project, providing a unique perspective that will be a huge asset to the show. I also hope this exercise will give you a chance to reflect on what is precious to you and what you value – something we could all benefit to do from time to time!

Please send submissions via email to cmspafford@gmail.com, the deadline is April 16. Thank you!




Call for Submissions