Ebb and Flow


The North Vancouver Community Arts Council proudly presents Ebb and Flow at the CityScape Community Art Space

March 11 – April 16, 2016
Opening reception: Thursday, March 10, 7 – 9pm

Inspired by the Chinese pictograph for water, Tony Yin Tak Chu has created a delicate rice paper installation exploring water. Four accomplished artists, Carole Arnston, Sylvia Bayley, Tracey Tarling and Michal Tkachenko will enhance the theme with their ethereal paintings motivated by water.


Carole Arnston: Our experience in Vancouver is a watery one, in the humid air we breathe, near the ocean from which we source food and work and play…Carole’s oil paintings speak to this relationship and the commodity of water.

Sylvia Bayley: Sylvia paints in watercolour and acrylic while experimenting with textures and collage. She is inspired by nature, form, colour and her imagination.

Tony Yin Tak Chu: Born in Hong Kong, Tony Yin Tak Chu came to Canada in 1996 and has been experimenting with mixed media installations. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of art.

Tracey Tarling: Tracey has been working on a series of paintings that reflect her interest in natural sciences, transformation, passages and growth.

Michal Tkachenko: Michal has a series of paintings from her Where We Are series. Amidst the frenzy of world news, social media, city life etc., Michal embraces the still. Where We Are focuses on the moments between wake and sleep.

For interviews and inquiries, contact:
Caitlin Bryant, Exhibition Coordinator
exhibitions@nvartscouncil.ca | 604 988 6844



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