Edge of the Knife playing at North Van Arts International Film Series


Edge of the Knife is a feature length Haida language film about pride, tragedy, and penance. Adiits’ii, the lead character in the film, is mentally and physically pushed to the brink of survival and becomes Gaagiixiid/Gaagiid – the Haida Wildman. The Gaagiixiid is one of Haida’s most popular stories, sustained over the years though song and performance. This project is a community initiative with strong support from the Haida people as well as from the Council of the Haida Nation.

Director: Helen Haig-Brown, Gwaai Edenshaw
Cast: William Russ, Adeana Young, Tyler York
Year: 2018
Runtime: 105 minute
Country: Canada
Language: Haida with EST