Exhibition – Expression in Abstract


The Burnaby Arts Council presents an exhibition of paintings of 3 emerging artists from different generations and backgrounds, who share their own interpretations and philosophies of abstraction. Abstract art has many purposes and inspirations, and covers many styles communicating an idea or concept through the use of color, composition, shape and line. The journey of the artists express in their own terms what abstract art means to them, exploring the very nature of expression. The Burnaby Arts Council are very excited to showcase this selection of abstract art at the Deer Lake Gallery!

Evan Locke: Evan approaches painting from the viewpoint of paintings as objects. Creating paintings able to express their own construction attempting to turn the expressive nature of abstract painting into a explicable one.

Iris Low: Iris strives to diminish the stigma associated with mental illness by expressing herself through her art. Iris looks for different ways to express the beauty in the dark and the struggle to obtain the light by communicating through her paintings.

Karen Santos: As a singer and a painter Karen’s work is an extension of the emotions that stem from singing and creating music. Karen is inspired by the relationship between art, music and psychology.