Exhibition | Matthew Tremblay : Some Thing


Drawing on thing theory (Brown, 2001), emerging Kamloops artist Matthew Tremblay examines the relationship between things and objects as an archaeological exploration of material culture in his exhibition Some Thing. Archaeology’s systematic approach to objects and things influences how he categorizes and grids objects according to function, size, etc. He regularly scavenges broken, worn out things from the ever-changing metal scrap pile of the city landfill, and interrogates notions of identification and labeling (is a broken wheel still a wheel if it can no longer function as one?), and insists a fictionalized second life onto these broken, discarded, ambiguous things.

Tremblay confronts “the thingness of objects when they stop working for us” (Brown) and through the delicate realism of closely observed drawing transforms decaying, rusted, non-functional things into useful objects once again. In two parts, one set of drawings forms a continuous frieze around the walls of the vault gallery space as he follows things found in the dirt, alongside the road, or at the city landfill. The second set of drawings propose, at times absurdly, alternate functions and usages.

Arnica gratefully acknowledges the financial support from Province of BC, BC Art Council, and Nature’s Fare