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TOSH Portraiture Fall 2015
Portraits have a rich history and hold great meaning to viewers by presenting the likeness of a person. Historical, naturalistic representations of subjects, as well as stylized or idealized ones, offer interesting challenges to artists. In this class you will learn how to tackle the challenges of portraiture including utilizing knowledge of anatomy, starting with effective drawings, considering lights and darks. Helpful critiques on your drawings will help you improve your techniques and build your style.

TOSH Watercolour Fall 2015
This thorough exploration of watercolor painting offers instruction and opportunities to practice basic wet and dry techniques, washes, blends and use of transparency. Explore with a variety of special techniques for solving texture and masking problems. Experienced students concentrate on composition, technical skills, paint consistency and color development. Peggy Burkosky has over thirty five years of award winning fine art and commercial illustration and design, Peggy has been a popular instructor at TOSH for many years.

Art Group Instruction: www.peggyburkosky.com Contact Instructor Peggy Burkosky – pburkosky@gmail.com



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