FIRST SATURDAY Citywide event


When I was in art school one of my professors told me that if I wanted to make it in the art world don’t expect to have a home with a white picket fence ( and children). Since I was young and easily persuaded, I believed him.
Years later I ended up owning my own home ( and having 2 children) and remembering the important message about what it takes to be a successful artist,
I took down the fences.
When you come and visit, you will find my studio tucked right in the centre of this amazing beautiful collective garden.
And yes, I do believe that no fences ( as a metaphor) make successful artists.

I will have a big pot of Chai tea waiting for you.

Time : 12pm to 5pm
Where: 2063 Grant Street ( traffic calming so best to enter off Victoria Dr and Gravely or Lakewood and Grant or Naniamo and Grant)
Contact: Lori Goldberg : lori@lorigoldberg.ca
Cell: 604 313 8039



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