Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Sunday from 11am – 5pm

Meet the Artists Reception: Friday, May 4, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

What do a Green Man and a Wood Sprite, Eve and the Trojan Horse, a Princess and a Frog have in common? They’re all part of folklore and mythology, and Coast Collective is delighted to be hosting Folklore from May 2 – May 13.

While folklorists study traditions passed down through generations, they also consider elements found in popular culture and media – and that’s what makes Coast Collective’s Folklore so exciting. Artists have free rein to create art based on folktales, legends, myths, ballads, etc. – all of which, according to Alan Dundes in his essay “What is Folklore?” meet the definition.

Operated by the Society for Arts on the South Island (SASI), whose mission statement is to nurture British Columbia arts and culture … through the production and support of showcases of fine art and craft, the provision of arts education programs, public performances, and special community cultural events, Coast Collective is looking forward to hosting this event.

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