Fuse- Call for artists/groups/collectives


The Integrate Art Society invites artists, curators, collectives, and organizations to curate a pop-up exhibition during the Integrate Arts Festival from August 24-26, 2018.

Now in its second year, Fuse is an initiative to support the artistic community of Victoria by creating a new temporary pop-up location where art can be displayed or performed. The Integrate Arts Society encourages all forms of artistic practice, including but not limited to visual arts, performance, sound installations, and literary arts. Artists living in the Capital Regional District may submit proposals to create works that respond to a specific site located in downtown Victoria. The Society will select one proposal and work with the chosen artist(s)/ collective/ group to make sure that the chosen site is viable (in terms of permissions, availability, and logistics), and will work to find a secondary space if necessary.

The chosen artist(s)/collective/group will be paid a fee of $500 to support with the material costs, logistics of the exhibition, and/or related programming. If a group, collective, or curator’s project is chosen, the Integrate Arts Festival requires that the artists will be paid fairly. The artist(s) will be responsible for all planning and installation aspects of the exhibition, with personnel and technical support from Integrate, including assistance with the installation, as well as marketing for the show.

Integrate Arts Society values diversity and strongly encourages submissions from Indigenous artists, queer artists, artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and artists with different abilities. Emerging artists/collectives/curators are especially encouraged to apply.


The Integrate Art Society is looking for proposals that take into consideration of the Integrate Arts Festival’s mandate. The goal of Fuse is to offer an opportunity to those seeking to explore curatorial practice, especially emerging artists and curators who may not have had a chance to do so in the city in the past.

Criteria for evaluating the proposals include:

Consideration for the chosen location’s context as a public space, where people will participate as part of the festival

Submissions that address the specific context and current issues of the artistic culture of the city

Emphasis on artists who are emerging or underrepresented

Creativity and conceptual strength

Technical feasibility

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Integrate Arts Society.

Submission Guidelines:

Proposals should include the following:

A statement of interest, expressing your proposed project’s concept (250 words);

A visual and technical description of the work that you propose to install in a pop-up location in the Atrium (250 words);

A brief biographical statement (100 words);

At least 10 images of your past and current work (each image as a 1MB .jpeg file) labeled with # + Initials + Date of work + Title of work.

To submit a proposal, or for any further questions, please contact Regan Shrumm at rshrumm@integratearts.ca. Please use a subject line ATTN: FUSE

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Fuse differ from the general Call for Artists?
Fuse is focused on the practice of putting on a full exhibition, where the artist/curator/group has control of executing all aspects of the show. The general Call for Artists is for a group exhibition showcasing a variety of local art in the city organized directly by the Integrate team. The aim of Fuse is to offer artists and curators the knowledge and resources to organize independent shows and create new spaces for themselves.

What can I do with the $500 dollars?
The $500 dollars for Fuse can be used for your needs, from anything to buying materials to curatorial and artists’ fees. However, if you choose the $500 to be used for all the materials, we still require artists to be paid. We realize that this is not an ideal amount of money. However, Integrate can also help look for other funding sources, like sponsorship, that might be available for the successful proposal.

Last year, Fuse was only in the Atrium. This year, I can choose any location for my proposal?
Yes, you may select any location within the downtown Victoria area. If chosen, Integrate will work with you to get permissions for this location as long as it is technically available and logistical. However, if the first chosen location does not work out, the selected winner of Fuse should have a second location in mind.

If I propose a performance, do I have to be running it the entire time of the festival?
No, you would not be required to run the performance the whole festival. In terms of a schedule, Integrate has ongoing programming throughout the day and night on the Saturday (25th), while just night on the Friday (24th) and afternoon on the Sunday (26th). If your proposal is chosen, then we would work with you to schedule the performances that work for both you and Integrate.

Is there an example of last year’s Fuse project?
Last year, curator Nellie Lamb and artist Elizabeth Charters presented Fall in Love You Will Be Happy was selected and displayed at the Atrium. More information about their project can be seen here: http://integratearts.ca/2017-fuse/

What if I have other questions not included in this FAQ?
Please email rshrumm@integratearts.ca if you have any other questions.



Call for Submissions