Susan J. Falk and Marilyn Dyer are combining efforts in a joint exhibition that explores the synthesis of change and beauty at The Fort Gallery, May 2-27, 2018. The opening reception will be held Sunday, May 6th, 1-3pm.

Marilyn Dyer’s images have focused on her passion for the earth’s desire to be an integrated whole. As change reveals itself, Dyer looks for and reveals the beauty of the new forms, the integration of the organic and the geometric, the fusion of the old and new coalitions.

Susan J. Falk’s new paintings reference some of “the finer things in life” – flower gardens and fine china. She recently called on friends and family to send her their most coveted daily heirlooms as inspiration, which resulted in her teacup series. Painted in Falk’s favourite rich pigments, each teacup and saucer is dramatically staged for the viewer to enjoy in a small 8” x 10” format. Of course, Falk’s show of works would not be complete without her usual large-scale format, and she has invited us to enjoy her garden as she would, another “finer thing in life”, over the top and colourful in its full glory of blue lace delphiniums and wild foxglove.