Gallery Exhibitions – Messengers; Inheritance and Journeying With the Totems


You’re Invited! Opening Reception
Thursday August 27, 2015 6-8pm
Artists in attendance | free admission | refreshments served

Messengers features the work of Nancy Cramer, Paddi McGrath, Anna Milton and Marianne Phillips. The theme “Messengers” represents a source of inner strength and hope. Messengers are the ideas that inspire. They are memories linking places or experiences from the past. They are dreams, intuitions, premonitions and signs. They can be personal and specific to each of us and yet they have the same effect on all of us – they inform our unconscious self and keep us moving forward through life.

Inheritance is the common thread that connects Katherine Nielsen’s and Carlyn Yandle’s art. Nielsen’s paintings examine and unravel ideas that we are unaware we have inherited from the people that play a part in our lives. Yandle, in turn, explores the inheritance of traditional crafts and art making. In particular the points at which modern technologies converge and overlap with traditional artistic practices.

The creation of the series ‘Journeying With The Totems’ began as a journey of change and rediscovery as André Prevost approached retirement. Although not an Indigenous artist, he has had a lifelong love and admiration of First Nations art and carvings, especially the West Coast Totems; the great icons of the West Coast Aboriginal Peoples.