“Goods for the Soul” Exhibition and sale of Art and Sculpture


In the O’Connor Group Art Gallery, Chilliwack Cultural Centre, 9201 Corbould St, Chilliwack, Wed. Though Sat, 12 noon to 5 pm
Curated by the Chilliwack Visual Artists Assoc. www.chillwackvisualartists.com
Contact Mary Chalmers Main, 604-793-4477, iainmarybm@shaw.ca, Publicity Coordinator for the CVAA. . August 3rd to September 10th.

Artist Diane Mackenzie, and Sculptor Michael Ray.
Diane Mackenzie’s work reflects her rural roots and her love of nature, in clean, clear colours, masterful techniques, and good design and composition.
Michael’s sculptures are figurative in wood, stone and metal. Most of the work is intended to be easily recognizable by the viewer. The intention is to make the viewer comfortable with the work, and then invite them to explore and experience the shapes and forms.



Show & Sale