Headbones Gallery Residency


The sequestered nature of Headbones Residency provides an atmosphere conducive to concentration with viable stimulus and opportunity from the arts community so as to not feel isolated. We believe in the cross pollination of artistic ideas and to encourage this exchange, we designed the space to be a residency for four months of each year. The Headbones Residency provides a spectacular studio space and private living accommodations for either one or two artists for one or two month durations – April and May or September and October.

Headbones Gallery is a private gallery with an exhibition history since 1994, in Vernon. We have a mandate to show work that is of a high calibre and also to feature challenging and experimental work. In 2002, we opened a studio space in New York where Rich Fog was established as a micro printing and publishing company. Headbones Gallery, since 2005 produces catalogues for each exhibition. From 2005 – 2010, Headbones Gallery and Oakes’ studio was situated in Toronto.
In 2010, we designed and built a studio/residence with a gallery just 3.5 km north of Vernon, BC in the Okanagan valley. Renowned for the lakes, the Okanagan is also home to major wineries, two ski hills with summer hiking trails, waterfalls and scenic trails. Headbones overlooks a bird sanctuary, Swan Lake, where there is a 2 km nature walk. With 2 acres of land, the residency is sequestered but within easy driving distance of three cities, Vernon (3.5 Km) Kelowna (70 km) and Penticton (120 km) each with a public art gallery. The Okanagan campus of the University of British Columbia is between Vernon and Kelowna with a Critical and Creative Studies Department to the Masters degree level.

Living Accommodation
There is a studio/kitchen with a stove and two under-the-counter fridges (with the idea of two residents living concurrently in the building and sharing the kitchen). Above the office and above the kitchen at the Northern and Southern ends, there are two bedrooms, each with a complete bathroom. There is also a toilet and sink in the ground-floor studio space.

Working facilities for the artists
The heart of the space is a 500 square foot studio with a twenty-five foot wall on the west face. The studio was designed to accommodate the production of large pieces with doors ten feet x six feet allowing for access of materials and art work. Circulating around the heart of the building are spaces for exhibiting and living. There is a 60 foot picture gallery based on the grand collection galleries of the Renaissance that incorporates the daylight from the outside Eastern perimeter of the building through ten tall windows. There is an office for digital and word processing projects.

A 2010 Toyota Matrix is provided for the use of the residents. A Canadian Drivers liscense or international qualification is necessary.
Process of Selection

Headbones Gallery director, Richard Fogarty and Julie Oakes review the applicants and are the final decision makers. Since the space is our own, we want to insure that the resident is compatible with the gallery’s vision. The history of exhibitions at www.headbonesgallery.com gives an idea of our aesthetic.

$900 per month per resident includes private living accommodation with bathroom, studio space shared between two residents and the shared use of the car.

More information is available at http://www.headbonesgallery.com and you can download the application at http://www.headbonesgallery.com/Headbones_Studio_Residence/Headbones_Artist_Residency_Application.pdf