HyperLocalHereNow – 3 designers from SPACE / 3 artists from TASAI


Opening reception July 07, 6:00-8:00pm

Arno Apeldoorn / Christian Blyt / Pat Christie / Jenny Hawkinson / Logan Gilday / Brother Jopa / Kisyuu

Curated by Steve Frost and Pat Christie

Bridging cultures, disciplines, genres and languages together the HyperLocalHereNow exhibition at VisualSpace Gallery brings photographic, video, calligraphic and dimensional work by local Vancouver designers and artists into a vivid yet subtle visual dialogue around notions of place—being in place / from a place / place-making / sense of place.

For 10,000 years, beginning in the Caves of Lascaux, human beings have used creative expression to declare, “I am here.” In bringing together designers and artists deeply committed to Vancouver and its collective good, HyperLocalHereNow provides a unique glimpse into both who in our city is declaring, “I am here,” and what is the nature of “here” (our city) as they see it. These engaged creatives are asking penetrating questions of our city and of us.

Is it possible to remain financially sustainable while committing to and remaining rooted in a place? If place is tied to the land, particularly in Canada where the land is not a backdrop to human history but an active participant in it, what is our urban interaction with the very land on which we sit? In what ways does social belonging intersect and collide with physical displacement and exile?

Tasai is an East Vancouver based non-profit artist collective that explores Pacific Rim postcolonial identities through cross-cultural artistic collaboration.

SPACE is an East Vancouver co-working space helping to foster innovation and cross-disciplinary collaboration while holding a deep concern for a human centred, hyperlocal design and production.
VisualSpace Gallery
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Contact Tasai: hello@tasai.cca
Contact SPACE: patchristie@me.com