ic(o!)nic Canada Juried Exhibition


iconic: archetypal, characteristic, exemplary, illustrative, quintessential, representative, stereotypical, symbolic. The theme for this year’s juried exhibition at The Fort Gallery celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday. ic(o!)nic Canada runs July 20-August 6, 2017.

National identity is formed by history and geography: cultural influences by both indigenous and settler peoples, geographical size and location, the diverse forms of landscape and the plants and animals that cohabit that landscape – all contribute to what we understand to be uniquely Canadian. The gallery invited submissions from artists that reflected contemporary visions of Canadian identity. Jurors reviewed 46 pieces exploring this theme; 21 artworks were selected.

The included artists are: Susan Baranszky-Job, Shawn Becker, Bennett Brown, Ranu Chakraborty, Victoria General, Yuri Grier, Sussanne Hoiberg, Terri-Lee Horvath, Kimberley Howie, Susan Jessop, Megan Krause, Marguerite McIntosh, Les McKinnon, Meghan Spence, Jim Unger, Rosemary Wallace and Jetta Williams.

Please join us for the reception, which will be held in conjunction with our August First Thursday community arts event, Thursday, August 3rd, 7-9pm.

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