In a Vaulted Room – Photographic Works by Viki Wu and Neo Tang


Opening Reception on Friday, April 15, 3 – 6pm. Artists Viki Wu and Neo Tang will be in attendance

Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd. is very pleased to present “In a Vaulted Room”, a two-person exhibition of photographic works by Viki Wu and Neo Tang as part of Capture Photography Festival.

Using a black and white photo documentary style, Neo Tang presents ten portraits of different women in his series, Ten Sisters. The artist subverts the photo documentary style by the use of ambiguity as he does not define the relationship of photographic subjects with each other (who do not appear to be biological siblings), with the photographer or with the audience. As a series of portraits that are also shot in different environments and situations – some are indoors and some are taken on the street, some are posed while others are caught in a decisive moment – we are left with open ended narratives about each image.

In addition to exploring the photographer/audience relationship, Viki Wu is interested in investigating the way the world is presented beyond the borders of the picture frame. As though she is “breaking the fourth wall”, Wu uses mirrors and live cameras to reveal and invert the invisible presence of the photographer into a performer in the act of picture-taking. Wu has essentially become both the photographer and the photographed in these images. According to the artist, “I believe that photographing is about the photographer and the environment as much as about the subject and the medium.”

About the Artists

Viki Wu was born in Vancouver, Canada and is currently a fourth year visuals arts major at Simon Fraser University. She was part of the curatorial group for the exhibition “Geometry of Knowing Part III, You Are Here” at the Audain Gallery in 2015.

Born in Wuhan, China and originally trained as a painter, Neo Tang has studied fine arts at Trinity Western University and Simon Fraser University where he is currently in his fourth year. He is a recipient of the President Scholarship Award at Trinity Western in 2011-2012.

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