Join the Quadra Island Annual Plein Air Paint Out!


“Art adds to a community, attracts a core of people who are intelligent, creative and bring new ideas. They have a lot of energy, which is a really wonderful thing for a community to have.”

The 12th Annual Quadra Island Paint Out 2016 happens on the second weekendin September Sept 9-11, 2016, 10 AM -4 PM, with the support of Firesign Art & Design and the Heriot Bay Inn in conjunction with the International Plein Air Painters (IPAP) Great Worldwide Paint Out.

On Friday September 9, paint at Whiskey Point Resort, on Saturday, September 10, artists will paint at Rebecca Spit Provincial Park at various locations. On Sunday, September 11, at 3:00 PM there will be an exhibit of the weekend’s work and a reception at the Heriot Bay Inn. The public is invited to view the art and meet the artists.

Event organizer, Nanci Cook, says there is a joy about paintings outdoors and this is a chance for people to see professional artists at work, developing their paintings in response to the beauty in nature. Landscape painters will invade Quadra Island in September. Some of the area’s most talented outdoor painters will bring their paint boxes and easels to Quadra Island, well known for its vistas of mountains, oceans and forests. Plein air painters from all over the globe will convene to record the historical buildings, places and vanishing farmlands, as part of raising global awareness on our frail planet.

In Europe, it’s a common sight to see artists working outdoors and while their efforts are much admired, people pretty much allow them to work uninterrupted. In the US and Canada, plein air painters are a bit of a novelty and create curiosity and entertainment. Children are especially interested and awed by watching an art work being created. Someday, outdoor painters may be as common place as everyday people on their way to work.

IPAP, who has members who reside throughout the World, is the blanket organization for individual plein air groups and was created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution and enjoyment of plein air painting without limitations of borders or regions. Its members share inspiration and encouragement both on the Internet and at “paint outs”. They encourage other artists to get out and do it, to paint with other artists and share ideas. The World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Painters is part of International Plein Air Painters Worldwide Organization. Partnered, with Landscape Painters International, both organizations tour the globe promoting green space and the obligation of landscape artists to call attention to the cause. You can see more info on this tour on IPAP’s website http://www.i-p-a-p.com

This event is happening simultaneously in international locations and Quadra Island is part of this WORLDWIDE group event hosted by International Plein Air Painters.