Joint Exhibition: Suzanne Northcott’s Make Do and David Kimura’s Perimeter


David Kimura and Suzanne Northcott are once again combining efforts in a joint exhibition that explores themes of availability and immediacy at The Fort Gallery, June 7-25, 2017. The opening reception will be held Friday, June 9th, 7-9pm. Kimura’s exhibit Perimeter, features photographs that embrace the notion of finding inspiration in your immediate environment. Northcott’s Make Do, encompasses a collection of paintings, textile pieces and garments that explore using or reusing what is readily available.

“Too often, I bring my camera to venues that I believe will have potential, but I have found by observing without bias, you don’t have to go far. That creative potential can be found by a re-examination of the familiar. My photographs were taken on the property where Suzanne and I live. Some are distant shots, others inside the house.” David

“With this collection, I am “making”, using what I have on hand, things I find in second hand stores, and beautiful handwoven textiles from India. Many pieces I have embellished with a simple stitch called “sashiko” in Japan or “kantha” in India. The palette is influenced by the colours of indigo dyes used in both of these cultures. The paintings series is called “Murmurations”, the beautiful word for a flock of starlings. The marks are like tiny stitches, the whole reinvents itself over and over from the same elements. The resulting patterns transcend the bird, hint at an endless cycle.”

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