Ken Fedoruk and Gabrielle Strong


Ken Fedoruk
Ken was born and raised in Manitoba as the youngest of four. As a child, he amused himself with multiple hobbies: made flip-books, puppets, wrote stories, drew portraits, carved totem poles and painted murals. His family has always been influential for him; his father, a wildlife painter, and his mother, an accomplished watercolour artist. After graduating from the Visual Communications program at The Alberta College of Art, he worked as a freelance illustrator and began his own advertising agency in 1987, where he currently holds the title as President and Creative Director.

Lately Ken has been exploring his Manitoba roots and has been painting landscapes. Presently his focus is on oil painting and sculpting and his subject matter is inspired by nature, human and animal form. With a multitude of textures, curves and shapes he always attempts to capture the mood.

Gabrielle Strong
Gabrielle is currently in her 4th year of pursuing a Fine Arts Degree at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC, majoring in the Visual Arts with a concentration in painting and ceramics. Prior to attending ECUAD, she spent five exciting years at sea as a Crew Officer onboard a large luxury cruiseliner. This experience enabled her to travel to over 70 countries on all 7 continents, and visit some of the world’s greatest treasures. “The years spent at sea have left their mark and I find that I am increasingly infatuated with themes of water and reflection —particularly the biomorphic patterns and fragmentation within”.

Currently her body of work presents many thins strands of porcelain clay randomly woven into forms. While the strands of porcelain are extremely fragile on their own, they become strong and resilient when combined together. Looking towards nature for inspiration, elements of biomorphism are evident, as biomorphic patterns, forms and systems of order create
strength and durability.

North Vancouver District Hall, 355 West Queens Road Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm