Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia


The Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia (LTABC) is pleased to announce that we will be hosting an exhibit of Art and Photography in the fall of 2018 to celebrate and promote the work of the LTABC as well as the natural beauty of British Columbia and Canada.
The exhibit is open to all artists who wish to submit their work. Artists must submit their work to the LTABC by August 23rd, 2018 if they want to participate. We encourage young artists, in particular, to submit their work as we are placing special recognition upon their contributions during this yearโ€™s exhibition.
Special recognition will be given to the best in show, the best individual photo, the best individual artwork, and the best artist under age 25
The LTABC encourages the community to come and enjoy this artwork and share in the experience. The date and location of the show will be announced in the coming weeks. To register for the event go to the news section the LTABC website where you can download the registration form at https://ltabc.ca/news/art-and-photography-exhibit-2018/



Call for Submissions