Launch of “Mega Fauna,” Cloudscape Comics’ Latest Anthology


“Mega Fauna,” Cloudscape Comics’ 8th graphic-novel anthology, will be launching at a party this May along with several other anthologies on the weekend of VanCAF (the Vancouver Comics Art Festival). Numerous local comic artists will be attending the party, and there will be snacks provided as well as numerous fun artistic activities for the whole family.

“Mega Fauna” is an exciting all-ages collection that features a wide variety of different animal stories created by a wide variety of local talent, including indie comics veteran Colin Upton, “Simpsons” artists Ian Boothby and Nina Matsumoto, video game artist Edison Yan, “Teen Titans Go!” animator Reetta Linjama, painter Eric Johnson, and many more. Stories of love-struck praying mantises and mournful killer whales, ugly unicorns and beautiful sphinxes, loyal dogs and desperate birds. Stop by to pick-up your own copy and get it signed by all the great artists who will be there.

6:00-10:00 PM, May 22
at the Cloudscape Studio
South Memorial Park
5955 Ross Street



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