Live at the Gallery concert, February 2018


This fourth concert features local artists Stephen Carl O’Shea and HARGOW, and will be held at 7 pm on Friday, February 9th.

The Burnaby Arts Council is passionate about promoting the arts as a vital component of our city’s culture. We take great pleasure in offering this FREE music concert series and welcome you to the Deer Lake Art Gallery! Live at the Gallery provides a venue to play and listen, and an opportunity to subvert the rigidness of an art gallery with an interactive performance.

Live at the Gallery connects visual and auditory arts, and the fans of both. The series is an exciting mix of art and sound, from the sweet sounds of classical music to chilled out beats of local folk bands. Expect the unexpected!

Stephen Carl O’Shea is the bass player and co-founding member of new wave band You Say Party. He has toured across 3 continents and played hundreds of shows in dive bars and all ages spaces. He now finds himself closer to his home of New Westminster and exploring ambient dance music through the use of synthesizers, samples, and drum machines. His passion for arts and community building has led him to be the artistic director of Jam in Jubilee Music Festival, and he currently works for The Arts Council of New Westminster. Stephen released a collaborative EP entitled “Midnight Music” with Vancouver artist Holy Hum in 2016 and will be releasing more new music in 2018. You can find more information about O’Shea at: www.strikingly.com/stephenoshea

HARGOW is an experimental sound artist from New Westminster. His musical styles mix electronic ambiance, noise, and punk.

Please join us at the Deer Lake Gallery for Live at the Gallery on Friday, February 9th, from 7 pm to 9 pm.