Live at the Gallery, October 2018


Live at the Gallery brings music into the gallery setting, to connect fans of visual and musical arts. The event is an exciting mix of art and sound, from the sweet sounds of classical music to chilled out beats of local folk bands. Expect the unexpected!

The Burnaby Arts Council is passionate about promoting the arts as a vital component of our city’s culture. We take great pleasure in offering this FREE music concert series and welcome you to the Deer Lake Art Gallery! Live at the Gallery is an opportunity for Deer Lake to have another regular venue for local musicians to play and local enthusiasts to listen. It also provides an opportunity to subvert the often rigid structure of an art gallery by having an interactive presentation being held within it.

Alanna Ho is an educator and performer based in Vancouver. Her interest is in deep play₁, and accessible programming technology with informal early S.T.E.A.M education. The Rainbow Forecast Project was founded in 2016, a research initiative for the critical role of pedagogy in the arts, and empowering children beyond the classroom. Alanna is dedicated to integrating this ongoing research of non-traditional art and music pedagogy (between inquiry + project based learning, multi-modal approaches and 21st century learning skills) into classrooms. Building meaningful connections from art with a variety of topics, aids the unravelling and discussion of sensitive topics such as the lack of diverse representation in the arts; environmental awareness; the militant and packaged approach in public schools.

Nicholas Marriot is a composer and performer of eclectic jazz-prog inspired by figures as diverse as Ben Johnston and Meshuggah. He is a Vancouver based guitarist, bassist, drummer, producer, and electronic music artist. He graduated from Vancouver Community College’s diploma program in July 2018 under Giorgio Magnanensi. He has a certificate in electronic music production from Douglas College. He has played in smaller venues in Vancouver such as the 333, red gate, stylus records, media club, and Korean culture centre. He recently put together a show of his original compositions and a small set featuring his skills as an improviser.

Please join us at the Deer Lake Gallery for Live at the Gallery on Friday, October 12th, 7 pm.

Admission is pay what you can at the door!

FREE parking in the area.

MORE INFO: 604-298-7322